The next set of College Football Playoff Rankings were released Tuesday night, and wouldn’t you know it, Big 12 fans aren’t happy about their conference once again getting no love from the Playoff Committee.

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With only 140 characters you’d be surprised how creative these fans, and even some college football analysts, can get about voicing their displeasure on Twitter:

The biggest issue of concern around the nation is Notre Dame’s No. 4 spot. If the Fighting Irish win out, does its resume really beat a one-loss Big 12 team?

Don’t assume it’s all the SEC’s fault. Alabama climbed, as expected from No. 4 to No. 2, but even a team from the strongest conference fell through the cracks in this week’s poll.

Fans of just about every team, 1 to 25 and above, can find some fault in the ranking. The problem is, in the end, only four teams make it.

The biggest surprise jump has to be Iowa, which went from No. 9 to No. 5, leapfrogging the entire Big 12. As it should be clear, Big 12 fans were not happy.

It’s easy to overreact to what many believe to be is Big 12 injustice, but take a deep breath and realize that the rankings still have four more weeks until they are final. Plenty can, and will, happen in a month of football.

Though if you were expecting two Big 12 teams after last year’s omission, I’d reconsider where you see the conference among the Power 5 (and Notre Dame).