Colin Cowherd is among the many who apparently subscribe to the SEC’s “It Just Means More” motto.

After the Georgia Bulldogs won a national championship over Alabama on Monday night, the SEC has now won 5 of the last 7 titles and 12 of the last 16 national championships.

That, by any measure, is an incredible accomplishment. Should we be worried about the lack of parity in college football, though? On Tuesday, FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd said the SEC simply wants it more than the rest of the college football world:

“It’s not a shock (Georgia) won it,” he said. “I thought Alabama would win because I get Bryce Young and Nick Saban, but once their second star receiver went down in 3 weeks, they were in trouble. So, Georgia absolutely earned it. … Is the sport right now too regional? Absolutely. What can be done about it? Nothing. …

“You can’t legislate parity. Some people want it more. … Folks, the reality is, there’s nothing you can do about it. … In the end, the SEC wants it more, so they win it more.”

Will the SEC keep the streak going in 2022? Most way-too-early top 25 rankings have some combination of Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State and Texas A&M in the top 4, so it looks like SEC dominance might continue unless the Buckeyes can put together a special season.