Dan Patrick, the syndicated radio show host, has kept up with the pulse of college football realignment rumors, and this week offered his perspective on the direction the SEC should take.

Patrick recalled that a source told him that the Big Ten media rights negotiations could include Notre Dame on some level. Patrick read from a Front Office Sports report about NBC pairing with Notre Dame and the Big Ten to be an NFL-like college football TV entity.

“If that happens, as I told you a couple weeks ago, then the SEC will make a move,” Patrick said. “From what I’m told, they’re going to go after Clemson, they would go after Florida State, and they would go after The U. They might even go after some other schools here. Now all of a sudden, it’s everybody on deck.”

Patrick also said that SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey would be on the show next Tuesday.

Patrick also said while the Big Ten and SEC are jockeying for teams to add, the Big 12 is considering “leftovers.”

The Big Ten and SEC are each looking to reach 20 teams, Patrick said.