Congress held a hearing on Wednesday about name, image and likeness issues in college sports. But there appeared to be little progress made, and more of a pep rally atmosphere as members took shots at various rivals.

There were several SEC references, including from former Florida player Trey Burton, who shared that, “The good from NIL has heavily outweighed the bad.”

Several people spoke to members of Congress during the hearing, including Jason Stahl, the College Football Players Association executive director: “The federal government should stay out of the NIL free market.” He suggested that there will be plenty of money to share with athletes when the Playoff expands to 12 teams.

And while the hearing at times included constructive dialogue, there was no shortage of members of Congress sharing their favorite team, or state allegiances. For example, a representative from Illinois celebrated that both Northwestern and Illinois made the NCAA Tournament.

Then Georgia representative Buddy Carter reminded a Florida colleague that the Bulldogs have won 2 straight national championship, and added a “Go Dawgs!”

Here’s a sample of the reaction: