Was that a flag on the field?

Or was it a shoe?

Long-time CBS broadcaster Verne Lundquist is seemingly still trying to figure that out after doing the play-by-play for Saturday’s epic Florida-Tennessee matchup.

Love him or hate him, listening to Lundquist call one of the SEC’s premier matchups has become a fall Saturday tradition in the South. But even his most staunch supporters would be embarrassed by the performance he turned in last week. It wasn’t pretty. PAST CRITICIZING THE BROADCASTERS: Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 Here are some highlights of the issues he had, and some of the more entertaining fan criticisms to go along with them: Lundquist mistakenly called a completed pass an interception, which understandably irked some fans:

Which led this guy to make the conclusion:

Who is this Jalen Hurd guy?

That was far from the only name Verne missed on Saturday, including a butcher of Vols star LB Jalen Reeves-Maybin:

Remember these? Verne referenced them when the official was writing down information from a booth review:

Who knew Lundquist was a closet Usher fan?

Even the folks in Verne’s corner are starting to see the writing on the wall for the 75-year-old:

My opinion? Leave him out there for us all to enjoy as long as he’s willing to do this. As his partner Gary Danielson likes to say, he’s a national treasure. Even if the reasons for his entertainment value may have changed as the years go by.