This just in: CBS broadcasting stalwart Verne Lundquist is old.

He’s 75 years old, to be exact.

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So when the veteran play-by-play man tabbed the Alabama offense as a “dinosaur offense” during Saturday’s game against Texas A&M, we probably should have taken his word for it. Because if anyone would be in tune with what a “dinosaur offense” might look like, it would be him.

That didn’t stop the Crimson Tide faithful from being perturbed by it, though.

I mean, the first thing you think about when you think of Lane Kiffin is old-school football, right?


We’ll move along, because there is more Lunquist criticism to cover.

In what has become a weekly theme, Verne had more trouble with names while covering Alabama’s win against Texas A&M on the SEC on CBS broadcast.

These were some pretty easy ones to avoid:

But it is not all bad news from this telecast.

Uncle Verne is bringing families together all across this great nation. Who says he is no longer useful?

Welcome to the SEC, Mack.

Former Texas coach Mack Brown has been doing some color commentating for ESPN this year.

He drew a SEC assignment on Thursday night, covering Auburn’s win against Kentucky with Dave Flemming and Allison Williams.

Much like they were often critical of him as the Longhorns head man, SEC fans were equally critical of his work in the broadcasting booth.

Here are some highlights:

Retroactively criticizing Brent Musburger

This didn’t happen in Week 7, but we need to both call out SEC Network play-by-play man Brent Musburger and give some credit to ESPN’s Jesse Palmer at the same time.

During a Week 6 telecast of Florida’s win against Missouri, Palmer warned that Ole Miss should be concerned about its Week 7 matchup with Memphis.

Musburger laughed at him.

See the exchange here:

Following Memphis’ 37-24 win against the Rebels on Saturday, there were several Tigers fans ready to call Musburger out.