Coaches talking up an opposing player to the press is nothing new. Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen’s assessment of Auburn QB Sean White, however, raised some eye brows on Monday.

When Mullen was asked Auburn’s quarterback situation, he referenced the rotation against Clemson and noted how it appears the team has settled on White:

“If you watch game one, they rotated a lot. They played all different quarterbacks and rolled in. It looks like they have settled on Sean White and I think that gives him some confidence out there on the field. He has been in the system a little longer and I think he understand the offense and they are going to build around his strengths.”

So far so good. But later in his response, Mullen makes a comparison that seems a bit exaggerated:

“They have been able to put together some of the things he does well and been able to execute good decision making to make him an accurate passer, very willing runner. It may not be the game breaker that some guys are. Auburn reminds me a lot of how Dak Prescott was a runner for us. He is going to go get you some tough gritty yards when he needs to and can extend plays and make things happen with his legs when he needs to.”

A quick glance of the stats shows that White has 57 net rushing yards this season on 34 attempts, an average of 1.7 yards per attempt. In fairness to White, those are net rushing stats, which account for 85 yards lost, many coming from the 10 times he’s been sacked this season.

But in comparing net rushing stats, Prescott is clearly the superior runner, averaging 4.7 yards per rush in his collegiate career.