David Pollack has placed Matt Corral in a class by himself mostly because of the way he has led Ole Miss through a recent tough stretch on the schedule.

“If you put any other quarterback in the country, the best ones, line them all up, and put them on that team, they have a minimum of 2 losses,” Pollack said of the 6-1 Rebels during an appearance on the SEC Network’s “SEC This Morning.” “That’s how good I think Matt Corral is. He’s an unbelievable point guard, he’ll do whatever it takes, he’ll run over you. He’ll jump over you, he’ll run through you, he’ll throw it 30 times, I just I love the way he plays.”

On the other side, Pollack said Auburn QB Bo Nix is a “great story.”

“That dude bleeds blue and orange, and love Auburn” he said. “And to say you’re benched, and sit him down and you put the backup in, and then for him to respond like he has with making plays against LSU and then obviously 21-of-26 (passing) against Arkansas, absolutely on fire, best game I’ve ever seen him play. It’s a great story and whoever has the ball in that game, you’re going to be like, ‘Oh yeah, something cool could happen every single play.'”

Corral and Nix meet this weekend in an Auburn-Ole Miss matchup on The Plains with exciting quarterback play.