ESPN has updated its preseason Football Power Index rankings, and apparently, things have gone off the rails at a few SEC programs since the last time ESPN updated these rankings.

While it’s unclear why ESPN made some of these changes, no information was provided over at, the network has shared its latest Football Power Index following the conclusion of “spring football,” or at least when spring football was originally scheduled to end.

Just two months ago, ESPN posted its debut 2020 Football Power Index rankings and had seven SEC teams in the top 20.

For some reason, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt were docked several spots in the rankings.

Here is the updated rankings for ever SEC team including the movement from ESPN’s previous Football Power Index rankings:

#3 Alabama (Up 1 spot)

#5 Georgia (Up 5 spots)

#6 LSU (Up 6 spots)

#9 Auburn (no change)

#12 Florida (no change)

#15 Texas A&M (Down 7 spots)

#33 Kentucky (no change)

#36 Tennessee (Down 17 spots)

#38 Ole Miss (Up 4 spots)

#39 South Carolina (Down 5 spots)

#55 Missouri (Down 2 spots)

#59 Arkansas (Up 7 spots)

#72 Mississippi State (Down 33 spots)

#100 Vanderbilt (Down 19 spots)