It’s only fitting that Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow are honored as two of the best college football quarterbacks of all time during Florida-Tennessee week.

If you missed it, ESPN ranked the all-time top 10 quarterbacks in college football history this week, and both former SEC signal-callers made the list.

Of course, the biggest mark on Manning’s otherwise stellar playing career is the fact he never managed to lead the Volunteers to a win over the Gators. Had he done so, Manning likely would have not only won a Heisman Trophy but probably would have had the chance to play for a national title during his college career.

While Peyton Manning ranked No. 6 on ESPN’s list, the Florida legend topped the list at No. 1.

The two-time national champion and one-time Heisman winner, you could argue Tebow should have won the award twice, defined the word greatness during his four seasons in Gainesville. For all his effort on the field, it’s no surprise to see ESPN name Tebow the greatest quarterback in college football history.

You can check out the entire top 10 from ESPN below: