ESPN has updated the national championship chances for what it has listed are the 5 top contenders. They are Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Michigan.

Georgia has a 37 percent chance, Alabama is pegged at 29 percent, Ohio State at 13 percent, while Oklahoma and Michigan are each at 6 percent. It’s an adjustment from last week, when ESPN listed Georgia at 43 percent, Alabama at 22 percent, and then Oklahoma and Ohio State at 9 percent each. Cincinnati, which previously stood at 7 percent, dropped out of this week’s chances.

There will likely be plenty of separation this week as Georgia takes on Florida in Jacksonville as the Bulldogs get the latest test on their path to Atlanta, and possibly Indianapolis. Michigan will also have a rivalry game at Michigan State, another test for the undefeated Wolverines.

Other games include Ohio State playing host to Penn State, and Oklahoma plays host to Texas Tech.