ESPN’s SP+ has offered a look at which schools are going to have the toughest schedules next year, and many of them are in the SEC.

Florida took the top spot and was 1 of 7 SEC teams to make the top 15, along with Mississippi State, Oklahoma, Texas, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, and Auburn. The Big Ten and ACC were the other conferences to have schools listed. Here’s the teams with the 15 hardest schedules based on 2023 results:

  • No. 1: Florida
  • No. 2: USC
  • No. 3: Northwestern
  • No. 4: Mississippi State
  • No. 5: Purdue
  • No. 6: Georgia Tech
  • No. 7: Oklahoma
  • No. 8: Washington
  • No. 9: Vanderbilt
  • No. 10: Texas
  • No. 11: South Carolina
  • No. 12: UCLA
  • No. 13: Oregon
  • No. 14: Auburn
  • No. 15: Michigan State

The Gators start the year with an in-state showdown with Miami. They then play Samford at home, followed up by Texas A&M before traveling to Mississippi State. Florida has a bye then faces UCF, Tennessee, and Kentucky. It has a second bye before ending the year with Georgia, Texas, LSU, Ole Miss, and Florida State.