LSU star running back Derrius Guice has never been accused of being shy, and his latest Twitter spat with 2018 Texas A&M safety commit Leon O’Neal has incited a response from fans across the conference. Now, that high schooler is telling his side of the story.

It all started with a pretty standard tweet last week from Guice where he tweeted a highlight tape with the phrase, “Tell me what you know about me,” lyrics to its backing track by Webbie.

But the Aggies commit took the words literally, responding with a bit of a jab in the form of a promise to lay the boom on the SEC’s leading rusher last season.

Surprisingly, Guice fired back, mocking Texas A&M and the beatdown that the Tigers gave the Aggies last season in College Station. The final score of 54-39 was not indicative of how badly LSU beat the Ags Thanksgiving night.

Guice has been known to play with a big chip on his shoulder after being overlooked for most of his LSU career. When the team’s former star Leonard Fournette went down last season, Guice made a point to show everyone that he was equal to his predecessor, twice breaking LSU’s rushing record – including a 292-yard performance against Texas A&M to finish the regular season in style.

O’Neal wasn’t done yet, though, as he then subtweeted Guice, who had one of his signature plays running over Louisville’s kicker in last season’s Citrus Bowl win.

On Thursday, 247Sports caught up with O’Neal regarding the Twitter beef, and he was adamant that he had no intentions of backing down. Sadly, this beef will probably never see the field, as O’Neal won’t even be at Texas A&M until 2018, and Guice will almost certainly be in the NFL draft by then.

To his credit, O’Neal is really hoping his challenge will get Guice to stick around for one last season in Baton Rouge.

“I would really want that,” O’Neal said. “I will be a starter at Texas A&M. Then I’d try to put him to sleep like I said.”

Confidence is key for a football player to become a star, and both of these athletes clearly have it in spades.