Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall is being internally investigated by the university on allegations of punching a player and choking an assistant coach, according to Watch Stadium’s Jeff Goodman.

Remember, Alabama offered Marshall the head coaching job in 2015 prior to hiring Avery Johnson. Marshall elected to stay at Wichita State.

Former Wichita State forward Shaq Morris told Goodman that he was punched by Marshall twice during his career. Morris attempted to block a teammate’s shot during practice, and the teammate fell to the ground and injured his back. That’s when Marshall reportedly lost it.

“I went over to help (Brown) up, and as I was helping him up to make sure he was okay, bam – I’m struck on the left side of my face with a punch,” Morris said.

“I turned back with my fists ready to punch or swing. I don’t know who did what and I see Marshall standing there. I turned around and started walking out.”

Morris also says that Marshall punched him again.

“He punched me (again) while I was facing away over my right shoulder, hit me in my jaw,” Morris said. “I turned and coaches are surrounding us at the time.”

During the 2016-17 season, Marshall reportedly had the altercation with his assistant coach, Kyle Lindsted. Marshall got upset with Lindsted during practice. Two sources told Goodman that Marshall put his hands around Lindsted’s throat and began to choke him because he was frustrated.

“I looked over and saw coach Marshall choking him,” Shaq Morris told Goodman. “Then people started de-escalating the situation, trying to calm him down.”

Another former assistant called Marshall a bully.

“He’s a maniac, a bully,” a former unnamed assistant told Stadium. “He disrespects people, brings up personal stuff, family, girlfriends.”

You can read all of the allegations uncovered by Watch Stadium against Marshall in Goodman’s piece here.

Under Marshall’s leadership, Wichita State has made the NCAA Tournament 7 of Marshall’s 13 seasons, including the 2013 Final Four. Marshall has been at Wichita State since 2007.