Greg Sankey as the SEC commissioner is in the middle of some of the biggest topics and issues in college sports, from College Football Playoff expansion, to the new NCAA constitution.

Sankey spoke with Duke men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski on Coach K’s radio show on Sirius XM, and shared his thoughts on the changes in college sports, and why they’re needed. Sankey said the “hype to bang” ratio was out of whack in the summer, more hype than bang, when the constitution talk began. But it was an important step so each division has more autonomy.

Sankey is a co-chair the Division I Transformation Committee, but he said the NCAA’s history hasn’t been much about transformation, so a new challenge is at hand. Sankey admitted that many of the issues in college sports sit in Division I.

“Yet, we’re kind of at the point, Mike, where we don’t have a lot of choice,” Sankey said. “We’re either going to change or die. I mean that across all 350-plus Division I members and 32 conferences, not just the Southeastern Conference and my 4 colleagues in the 5 (Power 5) conferences.”