It’s easy for me.

All I had to do was read Brett McMurphy’s report that showed Urban Meyer lied at B1G Media Days when he said that he didn’t know about Zach Smith’s domestic abuse allegations in 2015.

For someone like myself, who was in Chicago when he heard Meyer say that he got a text late Monday night about the 2015 allegation against Smith and that he “didn’t know who creates a story like that,” it wasn’t difficult to come to a conclusion.

Ohio State needs to fire Meyer. Period.

It was easy for me to see that. It was easy for others to see that Meyer, even as one of the most successful college football coaches ever, needs to be fired.

It won’t be as easy for Ohio State to see that. After all, we’re talking about a coach who led the program to a 73-8 record (including an absurd 47-3 vs. the B1G), 5 top-10 finishes and a national title. Not only did Meyer rebuild the program that was left in the wake of the tattoo scandal from the Jim Tressel era, he turned Ohio State into a juggernaut that appeared to have no end in sight.

But now, even Ohio State has to see that enabling an assistant coach accused of domestic violence and then lying about it — that’s according to some extremely damning text messages in McMurphy’s report — is a fireable offense.

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