There wasn’t a team in the SEC whose 2014 schedule could be considered “easy.”

The conference’s 14 teams each faced their own gauntlet of games in 2014, and 12 of the 14 managed to earn bowl eligibility when all was said and done.

However, so did many of the SEC’s opponents. It stands to reason that each SEC team’s schedule was littered with bowl teams, as most of the conference reached a bowl and most of a team’s schedule is played within the conference.

But a number of the SEC’s non-conference foes also earned bowl eligibility this season, making a difficult slate of games even tougher.

Here’s a breakdown of the number of bowl teams on each SEC team’s 2014 schedule:

Team Bowl opponents SEC bowl opponents Power conf. bowl opponents Group of 5 bowl opponents
Alabama 9 8 1 0
Arkansas 9 8 0 1
Auburn 10 8 1 1
Florida 7 6 1 0
Georgia 8 6 2 0
Kentucky 8 7 1 0
LSU 8 7 1 0
Miss. St. 7 6 0 1
Missouri 8 6 0 2
Ole Miss 10 7 0 3
South Carolina 9 6 1 2
Tennessee 9 6 1 2
Texas A&M 9 8 0 1
Vanderbilt 7 7 0 0

Every team in the conference played at least seven games against bowl teams this season, while no SEC school played more than 10 bowl teams in 2014. Because every SEC team played one game against an FCS opponent, the most bowl teams any SEC squad could have drawn this year was 11.

Furthermore, because only two SEC teams failed to reach a bowl game, every team in the conference had at least six bowl teams on its conference schedule alone. With that said, 13 of the SEC’s 14 teams also played at least one bowl team from outside the conference.

Three teams tied for the fewest bowl opponents in 2014 with seven — Florida, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt.

The Bulldogs had the easiest schedule this season as far as bowl opponents are concerned, drawing just six bowl teams from the SEC and only South Alabama from outside the conference. Vanderbilt was the only team in the SEC to not play a bowl team from outside the league.

Auburn and Ole Miss each drew 10 bowl teams on their 2014 schedules, tied for the most of any school in the SEC.

The Rebels faced seven bowl teams from within the conference, and all three of their non-conference games against FBS teams came against bowl-eligible foes. Ole Miss faced Group of 5 champion Boise State, AAC co-champion Memphis and an eight-win Louisiana-Lafayette squad.

Every one of Auburn’s SEC showdowns came against a bowl opponent, and that doesn’t include the Tigers road victory over No. 11 Kansas State or a home date with eight-win Louisiana Tech.

Alabama, Arkansas and Texas A&M matched Auburn’s eight conference games against bowl teams. South Carolina and Tennessee joined Ole Miss as the only teams with three bowl opponents outside conference play this year.

Georgia played just six SEC bowl teams in 2014, but it was also the only school to play multiple bowl teams from other power five conferences this year. The Bulldogs defeated Clemson in Week 1 and fell to arch-rival Georgia Tech to close the season in Week 14.

Of the SEC’s 41 collective non-conference games against FBS schools, more than half of them (22) came against bowl teams in 2014.