Lou Holtz did not make any friends in Columbus after taking aim at Ohio State’s toughness, and that includes the head coach.

Ryan Day was fired up for good reason after knocking off Notre Dame. Ohio State — questioned for its toughness for much of the week — rallied and delivered a game-winning touchdown with one second left on the clock.

Asked about his team afterward, Day unloaded on Lou Holtz’s Friday criticism of the OSU program and praised his team for showing their toughness in the comeback.

“Toughness, that’s it. Physicality. Across the board, finish it off. Having guts. You know, I’d like to know where Lout Holtz is right now,” said Day. “What he said about our team I cannot believe. This is a tough team right here. We’re proud to be from Ohio, it’s always been Ohio against the world. It’ll continue to be Ohio against the world. But I tell you what, I love those kids and we got a tough team.”

Day continued and said the program has had just one bad half over the last couple of years and said a win like this is “special” after hearing someone attack “your family.”

“Toughness. Toughness. Everybody’s questioning these kids all the time. We had one bad half the last couple of years, that’s it,” explained Day. “Everybody wants to question these guys, these guys are warriors right here. To come back and win, this kid right here, to come back in the second half. I’m emotional about this for a reason… When someone attacks your family, to come in and win like this is special.”