Is Les Miles’ job in jeopardy? It is according to a column Tuesday by Scott Rabalais in the Baton Rouge Advocate.

The Baton Rouge columnist said he believes there’s a “serious threat” to Miles job,” especially if the Tigers don’t rebound from back-to-back losses in their final two regular-season games against Ole Miss and Texas A&M.

Rabelais said discontentment about Miles has developed due to the downward trend in victories since the Tigers lost the 2011 national championship game to Alabama, 21-0. He attributes some of the criticism t0 Miles’ conservative offense, too.

LSU would owe its coach $15 million, payable over eight years, if Miles is fired without cause before Jan. 1. His assistants would have to be paid about $2 million, for a total buyout of $17 million. Rabelais said the $17 million cost apparently would not be a deal breaker.