We all want to see college football return in the fall, provided its safe for everyone involved to do so, and the NCAA is working hard to ensure that it can happen in the coming months.

In addition to forming a coronavirus Working Group to analyze and document any and all relevant information that continues to develop, the NCAA has recently shared a document titled, “Guidelines – Opening Up America Again” outlining the necessary steps needed to be taken in order for any sports to return to college campuses.

Here is a summation of the nine steps the NCAA outlines in the document, which can be read in its entirety here.

#1 There must not be directives at the national level that preclude socialization.

#2 State and local authorities must have in place a plan for resocialization.

#3 Plan in place for the resocialization of students on campus.

#4 Plan in place for the resocialization of student-athletes within athletics.

#5 There must be adequate protective equipment for athletics health care providers. 

#6 There must be the ability to assess immunity to COVID-19 at a regional and local level.

#7 There must be access to testing for anyone suspected of having COVID-19.

#8 The ability to identify and quickly isolate anyone that comes down with COVID-19.

#9 There must be clearly identified and transparent risk analyses in place.

Similar to the plans within the federal and local governments, the NCAA is also calling for a three-phase reopening plan with each phase needing at least 14 days before moving to the next phase.