Much has been made this season about the “SEC on CBS” and its lineup of games, beginning with Notre Dame at Georgia in primetime. But the marquee afternoon broadcast in the SEC drew criticism from SEC Network host Paul Finebaum during an interview on Monday.

“I have to say the CBS approach to the game is getting tiresome,” Finebaum said during his weekly segment on “The Roundtable” on Birmingham-based JOX 94.5 radio station. “There’s no comparison to that primetime game on Saturday night, then you flip over and watch the Alabama-Texas A&M game. I still forget that Verne Lundquist is not doing the games. Brad Nessler is a very professional broadcaster, but he doesn’t distinguish himself like Verne did, or Keith Jackson did. Gary (Danielson), what can you say about Gary that hasn’t already been said by 1,000 of your callers. (ESPN’s Chris) Fowler has grown into the preeminent voice in college football and Kirk Herbstreit’s been that way for a long time.”

The issue came up after a Saturday in which Finebaum said the CBS game of Alabama at Texas A&M wasn’t even the second best game of the day. South Carolina’s upset of Georgia, which was a noon Eastern kickoff, came in behind the primetime Florida-LSU in his mind.

Finebaum also said the choice of Notre Dame-Georgia in primetime was a mistake, given how the season has played out.

“How stupid does that look now,” he said.

The Nov. 9 LSU-Alabama game would have been a better primetime choice, he said, as he pointed to the narrative that this is the best LSU team in recent memory with the chance to beat Alabama.

“This LSU team is different. They’re the most exciting LSU team I can ever remember,” Finebaum said. “You make your chops in this business by making the right call, and CBS blew it. They’re sitting there right now with the game of the year, one of the biggest games in the 10 years, and they could have had it in primetime as the biggest game of the college football season and it’s literally buried at 2:30 (Central Time) in the afternoon with 4,000 other games on.”