Shyheim Carter has yet to play a down for Alabama, but he’s already adding fuel to the fire of one of the SEC’s most intense rivalries.

“I just don’t like ’em,” Carter told SEC Country’s Alex Martin Smith when asked about LSU. “There’s something about ‘em I just don’t like. I mean, LSU’s a great school, phenomenal school, but it’s just something personal I don’t like about ‘em.”

The four-star cornerback from Kentwood, La. touched on his experience as a Bayou State prospect who didn’t sign with the Tigers.

“When I signed with Alabama, LSU fans, they were bad-mouthing me a lot, just because I was an in-state prospect,” Carter said.

According to Carter’s mother, Elizabeth, Shyheim was once a fan of LSU, when Nick Saban was the coach of the Tigers (2000-’04).

“LSU wasn’t even top three,” Elizabeth said about Shyheim’s recruitment. “If (Saban would) have went back to LSU, it would’ve been the No. 1. I’m serious. He would follow that man.”

We’re sure the Death Valley crowd will be excited to see Shyheim and the rest of the Tide on Nov. 5.