Eli Manning brought on his brother Peyton in another installment of “Eli’s Places,” a streaming show on ESPN+, as they made a visit to Knute Rockne’s house.

“If I was going to make a pilgrimage to one of college football’s meccas, I had to go in style, and bring the biggest football history buff I know,” Eli said.

Of course, that’s Peyton.

“If you’re going to knock on Knute Rockne’s door, you might as well do it in a ’32 Rockne Studebaker,” Peyton said.

The brothers then joked about how cars aren’t named after football coaches or players anymore.

Eli then gave a brief history lesson and how Rockne helped sell vehicles because he was a storied coach in college football history.

“Rockne invented coaching as we know it, and even helped a wash-up actor become president,” Eli said.

Notre Dame coach Marcus Freeman and former quarterback Brady Quinn also participated in the episode, as Freeman noted Rockne’s address, 1417 Wayne Avenue in South Bend