Over the course of college football history and the evolution of offenses, there has been the wish bone, the run and shoot and the spread. But ESPN’s Rece Davis put the LSU offensive makeover this season in historical context.

Given LSU’s reputation of an offensive alignment with two tight ends and a fullback, Davis said the dramatic change is noteworthy. Davis and the “College GameDay” crew is in Atlanta for their Saturday morning pregame show ahead of the SEC Championship between Georgia and LSU.

“The game’s changed, and they changed with it,” Davis told media, including Bulldawg Illustrated in Atlanta on Friday. “From that standpoint, given the reputation and the history and what people thought, understandably so about LSU, the change has been as dramatic as any I can remember.”

It begged the question about if Georgia needs to go through a similar transformation given the Bulldogs offensive malaise for much of the season. One popular stat tossed around recently is Georgia QB Jake Fromm has completed less than 51 percent of his passes in the last four games.

“I think there’s been a little bit of overreaction to Georgia’s offensive struggles,” Davis said. “Let’s remember that Kirby’s way beat Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl. Played for a national championship, won an SEC championship. I don’t think you have to spread it out and throw it all over the lot. You can, if it fits you, and you have to be explosive, but Kirby knows that and Georgia has been explosive in the past.”