Rivalry week brings a lot of sadness, and we love it.

Here’s the latest edition of sad fans across the SEC and beyond.

Foreshadowing the official hiring of new LSU head coach Ed Orgeron was the thrashing that brought the 12th Man to tears.

Missouri pulled out the win in the end, but it looked rough for a while.

North Carolina was another victim of Rivalry Week.

The Rebels hit an all-time low. https://twitter.com/saaadurday/status/802629256320720896

Georgia fell in a close one to Georgia Tech. (This is where we all shudder.) Bulldogs fans were sad.


The Iron Bowl was hard-fought defensive battle, and well, someone has to lose. Here’s your hint: it wasn’t Alabama.

Vanderbilt fans were sad when they couldn’t take the lead over Tennessee.

But it wasn’t the Commodores who took their sadness home.

And down in Florida, there was plenty of sadness to go around.

Poor South Carolina also got embarrassed this week.

Our very own Kentucky Wildcats pulled one of the biggest upsets of the season with a last-minute field to go ahead of Louisville 41-38.

Even though Ohio State beat Michigan in double overtime, the fans were still pretty sad up until that point.

https://twitter.com/saaadurday/status/802610227518390272 https://twitter.com/saaadurday/status/802609378377363456

And when Michigan did finally accept defeat, it wasn’t just the fans who were sad. Though I guarantee this fan was pretty side after this.