In case you missed it, over the weekend this video of four-star class of 2017 cornerback Marco Wilson making a one handed catch mid-backflip went viral and took the Internet by storm.

But was it better than Odell Beckham’s three-fingered touchdown catch against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football?

Some have said what Wilson did as a high school sophomore cannot be topped. Others argue that Beckham’s catch is more impressive because it was in an NFL game against NFL defenders.

There’s no right answer, but that didn’t keep our staff from arguing about it.


Brad Crawford (@BCrawfordSDS): Beckham’s catch

I prefer Beckham’s grab, only because it wasn’t planned or rehearsed. Not only did Beckham do it in prime time, but he also scored on the play. It was one of the best grabs in NFL history and few would argue that. While Wilson’s catch was spectacular, I think it could be matched before anyone mirrors what Beckham has done in a game.

Brett Weisband (@WeisbandSDS): Beckham’s catch

This isn’t even close: the answer is Odell Beckham. Look, Wilson’s catch is un-freaking-real. This is coming from a guy who can’t even do a backflip on a trampoline, let alone on solid ground. However, he made that catch without any kind of pressure, and we can’t even see how far the pass was thrown from. Beckham might have made his catch for a bad team, but he did it in an NFL game, with an NFL defensive back draped all over him (committing pass interference in the process). Could Beckham have pulled off a backflip there if he was wide open? Given his athletic ability, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Ethan Levine (@EthanLevineSDS): Wilson’s catch

I get it: Beckham used only three fingers to catch a larger ball while suspended in mid-air with an NFL defensive back all up in his grill. That’s amazing, perhaps the greatest in-game catch ever. But I think we need to consider the level of ability of the two players in question. Beckham is a professional athlete. He’s a grown man. What he did was spectacular, but he’s a grown man. Wilson might not even have his driver’s license yet. So what if his catch came in practice? So what if Beckham could likely make the same catch. Beckham has had an extra decade to develop his body, and now gets paid millions to do so. Wilson has other things to worry about — like that exam in third period biology — which is why this kid making a grown-man catch comes second to no one.

Christopher Smith (@CSmithSDS): Beckham’s catch

I’m going to play the role of crotchety old man here. Beckham Jr.’s catch? It happened in an important NFC East game against the playoff-bound Dallas Cowboys. We’ve seen a slew of “trick shot” athletic videos since the advent of YouTube. How many times did Marco Wilson practice the backflip/one-handed catch? And the toss to him was soft. Yes, great athleticism. I dare anyone who criticizes it to do a standing backflip immediately. Or even recall a single moment in your life when you ever did one. But Beckham Jr. caught his with three fingers, with the fullest one-handed backward extension I’ve ever seen, an instant after pass interference, on a ball that traveled about 50 yards in the air. And he didn’t get as many takes as he wanted. No contest for me.