It was not long ago that we did not even know if college football would be played this fall. Now, as we enter the back half of November, the SEC season is halfway over. Especially with the delay of other conferences such as the Big Ten, there have been several marquee matchups in the SEC that have grabbed the attention of the nation this season.

In fact, four of the 10 most-watched college football games of 2020 were within the footprint.

Although the overtime thriller between Clemson and Notre Dame took the top spot, Alabama’s win over Georgia is behind by less than one million viewers.

Florida’s route of Georgia is also in the top five, and Tennessee’s loss at Georgia is at No. 6. Alabama’s win at Ole Miss sneaks in at No. 9 with 4.98 million viewers.

Interestingly, the only close game out of these four was the Alabama game at Ole Miss, and the final score did not even indicate a tight matchup. Alabama won 63-48 in a shootout.

The season is not over, however, and one would think there are several more key games to be played in the SEC slate that will demand attention from millions of college football watchers.