After Week 1 in the SEC, we now have 10(!) teams in the top 25 rankings. That’s a first for any conference in the history of the rankings. As always, the quarterback position has taken center stage. Here is what we learned after Week 1 and what to expect moving forward for a few of these ranked SEC teams.

Brandon Allen threw for four TDs last week and looked like an All-SEC quarterback. Real, mirage or in between?

I actually am a fan of Brandon Allen and think that he may be the most underrated quarterback in the entire SEC. Everyone is well aware of the ground attack that Arkansas has, but Allen has but up some pretty solid numbers over the last few years. I will say that his best statistical games have been against weaker opponents, but against the stronger ones, he is still very efficient. If Allen can stay healthy, I think the Razorbacks will field a very good offense and shock a lot of people.

What about Jeremy Johnson? He threw three INTs that could’ve been five. Is he not as good as some people thought?

I’ll tell you this, Johnson may have the strongest arm in the conference, but he made some very bad decisions throwing the ball. I love his mentality, being a gun slinger and all, but sometimes that hurts you. Trust me, I know.

I think he will be fine and was just trying to force the ball and show off his arm. It’s his team this year and he wanted to send a message. Obviously it wasn’t the right message he wanted to send, but he will get coached up and play better throughout the year. Hopefully that was just first-game jitters and he’ll settle down. I do hope he continues to be a gun slinger because he has the arm talent, there’s no question about that.

LSU QB Brandon Harris didn’t get a chance to play even a quarter against McNeese State last weekend. How will that affect him against Mississippi State, if at all?

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He, as well as the other quarterbacks for LSU, need all the game reps they can get. The quarterback position has really hindered LSU since my buddy Zach Mettenberger went to the NFL. The Tigers have all the talent in the world but they need their quarterback to play well.

Harris has gotten plenty of game reps so I don’t think he’ll have any jitters against anyone and expect him to play much better this season than he did last year.

What do you make of the two-quarterback systems at Texas A&M and Florida? Will either team eventually stick with one guy? Or can this work?

I don’t think there is much of a two quarterback system at A&M just yet. However, I do expect Kyler Murray to play more as the year goes on, but that is Kyle Allen’s team.

As for Florida, I think Will Grier will eventually take over the offense. Treon Harris is a hell of an athlete, there’s no question, but he is very one-dimensional. I think Grier will continue improving and gaining the trust of the coaches and his teammates. As the old saying goes, if you have two quarterbacks, you have none.

We see more and more that coaches are making quarterback changes quickly. I don’t like it nor agree with it, and I don’t think you’ll find many other quarterbacks that do either. We all want to play and win, and when you’re constantly looking over your shoulder to see if the coach is going to replace you, you play nervous and afraid to make mistakes. That’s when you hurt your team the most. Just let the kids play and stay in there!

What were your impressions of Jake Coker in his first start at Alabama? Do you think that offense will change a lot from Blake Sims to Coker?

I thought Coker played well. Well enough to solidify his starting role. He isn’t as mobile as Sims was, but I think he can move around the pocket well and drive the ball downfield.

Not having Amari Cooper hurts the Tide more than anything else on that offense. If there’s one thing about Bama, it’s that they will always have top-notch athletes. So expect a new “Amari Cooper” to emerge and be the go-to guy for Coker. We’ll see how that offense evolves in the next few weeks.

What are your thoughts on Greyson Lambert winning the Georgia job ahead of Brice Ramsey? Why do you think he did?

I was really surprised. I thought Ramsey was a shoe-in to start. I thought Lambert played well and made believers out of his teammates and the Bulldogs fan base.

I’m not sure why he got the nod over Ramsey, but if I had to take a guess, I would say that he just made better decisions with the football during camp. That is Georgia’s offense. It’s a power I-formation running between the tackles and play-action passing. As a quarterback, you have to take care of the ball and make accurate throws to the outside.

I haven’t seen any practice film on them but I assume that is how Lambert got the starting nod.