Alabama fans and Georgia fans have very different memories from Saturday’s SEC Championship Game.

The Crimson Tide broke the hearts of Bulldogs fans once again, as the Tide came storming back behind backup QB Jalen Hurts to steal the victory. Amazingly, in the national championship game and the SEC Championship Game, there have been 290 total plays run, and Alabama has led for only nine (3 percent) of them, per The Athletic’s Jason Starrett. Georgia has dominated Alabama in everything but the final score — the only thing that matters.

So, in response, SEC Shorts delivered a hilarious take on the game. The caption and description is perfect:

It was a tale of two fan reactions after the 2018 SEC Championship game. Alabama fans will remember the event as the day a true legend in Crimson Tide football was born. Georgia will see it as yet another huge, program defining moment that slipped through their fingers. For the parents of both fanbases, those kid’s bedtime stories were very much affected one way or another.

You’ll enjoy this one: