In the last few years, the SEC has churned out stars at a rate as high as ever.

All-time greats like Amari Cooper and Todd Gurley, both of whom made the top 25 on our all-time positional lists, were NFL first-round picks a few weeks ago. More stars who put up big numbers, like Dante Fowler, Shane Ray, T.J. Yeldon and others followed them out the door.

That leaves the SEC with a group of fresh faces that sit atop the active statistical leader charts. Let’s take a look at the players coming back for 2015 who lead the SEC in major statistical categories.

Unsurprisingly, in a league full of inexperienced quarterbacks, returning All-SEC first teamer Dak Prescott leads every major passing category, while also topping the conference’s active running backs in rushing touchdowns.

Jonathan Williams, a returning senior, edges out teammate Alex Collins and several others at the top of the rushing yardage table, while also piling up more than 400 carries as a rising senior. Expect Nick Chubb, Leonard Fournette or Derrick Henry (if he doesn’t leave a year early) to claim the top spot next year.

Meanwhile, Josh Reynolds tops the SEC in touchdown catches after just one year in the conference, while Laquon Treadwell tops the other receiving categories despite missing the final month of his sophomore season.

On defense, several returning seniors hold down the tackles and sacks leads, Tennessee’s Brian Randolph and Georgia’s Jordan Jenkins. There is a surprise leader in interceptions, though: South Carolina linebacker Skai Moore.


  • Passing attempts — Dak Prescott, Mississippi State, 692 attempts
  • Completions — Prescott, 418 completions
  • Passing yards — Prescott, 5,583 yards
  • Passing touchdowns — Prescott, 41 TD
  • Interceptions — Prescott, 18 INT
  • Receptions — Laquon Treadwell, Ole Miss, 120 receptions
  • Receiving yards — Treadwell, 1,240 yards
  • Receiving touchdowns — Josh Reynolds, Texas A&M, 13 TD
  • Rushing attempts — Jonathan Williams, Arkansas, 406 attempts
  • Rushing yards — Williams, 2,321 yards
  • Rushing touchdowns — Prescott, 31 TD


  • Tackles — Brian Randolph, Tennessee, 240 tackles
  • Tackles for loss — Jordan Jenkins, Georgia, 29.5 TFL
  • Sacks — Jenkins, 15.0 sacks
  • Interceptions — Skai Moore, South Carolina, 7 INT

Special teams

  • Kick return touchdowns — Darrius Sims, Vanderbilt, 2 TD
  • Punt return touchdowns — Isaiah McKenzie, Georgia, 2 TD
  • Field goals attempted — Andrew Baggett, Missouri, 70 attempts
  • Field goals made — Baggett, 50 makes