One of the bigger stories in college football Saturday was that the entire SMU student section being ejected from the game against Memphis. SMU beat Memphis, 30-27.

But SMU coach Sonny Dykes didn’t like how Dallas Morning News columnist Tim Cowlishaw characterized the SMU students, who were ejected for not wearing masks or social distancing. Dykes didn’t like the sarcasm from Cowlishaw, who tweeted, “Hate to see these kids who pretty clearly pulled themselves up by their bootstraps getting dismissed like this.”

Dykes countered with his own sarcasm, “Nothing like objective reporting by the Dallas Morning News.”

Cowlishaw then said Dykes limited or banned media access to his team in recent weeks.

Dykes replied, “You have my cell number. I’ve never once rejected an interview request from you. Never once. Didn’t like the way you characterized our student body. Criticize them if you want for not social distancing or wearing a mask. 79% of our student body receives some financial aid.”