SEC coaching legend Steve Spurrier spoke about his life after retirement with Josh Kendall in a piece released by The State Tuesday. The “Head Ball Coach” admitted that he tends to get bored and misses certain aspects of coaching.

“Oh, I’m a little bored,” he said. “Every now and then when you are watching games and watch everybody struggling on offense, it makes you think, ‘What the heck am I doing up here watching on TV?’

“Sometimes people will ask me, ‘What do you miss?’ Obviously, I miss the really good teams with players with wonderful attitudes like Marcus Lattimore and Connor Shaw and even D.J. Swearinger and those defensive guys who come to the ballpark ready to play. I miss all of those guys. And having a good team and calling plays.”

Spurrier, who works as a program ambassador for the University of Florida, also shared  a story from this past weekend when he checked on his home in Crescent Beach after Hurricane Matthew. The coach said he was pleased to see almost no significant damage, but was without cable during Sunday’s game between South Carolina and Georgia, so he decided to check out the local sports bar.

“I found me a little sports bar down the road. There was a crowd at a little place called Wings on A1A,” he told The State. “The manager of the place sort of recognized me even though I had my hat and sunglasses on. My hat and sunglasses aren’t working as well as they used to. I found me some buddies there and watched the Gamecocks-Georgia game.”