The Thursday conference call among Big 12 – minus Oklahoma and Texas – athletic directors and CEOs had the attention of the college football community. As CFB insiders shared details about what was said on the call, the conference decided to release a statement of “highlights” from the call to various media outlets.

Here’s the Big 12’s statement:

  • Oklahoma and Texas are founding members of the Big 12 and we value their traditions and history of success.
  • The eight members strongly desire to retain the current composition, which has proven it can compete at the highest levels.
  • There is a recognition that institutions may act in their own self-interest, however there is an expectation that members adhere to Conference bylaws and the enforcement of Grant of Rights agreements.
  • This is a time of dramatic change within intercollegiate athletics that presents both opportunities and challenges, and the Big 12 Conference looks forward to continuing to play a major role in its evolution.

[H/T Max Olson, The Athletic]