For the past 2 weeks, “The Paul Finebaum Show” has been broadcast only on the radio instead of on the SEC Network.

With the COVID-19 outbreak making studio shows a bad idea, the network gave each SEC team a “takeover” day to air games and programs highlighting its athletes.

Now, though, Paul Finebaum and his show will be back on TV, according to a release from the SEC Network on Saturday:

“Over the past two weeks, the discussions on our show have ranged from the loss of sports to the loss of jobs, income, and even homes; from listeners feeling hopeful for the future to others who just needed someone to talk to,” Finebaum said. “Despite all of us adjusting to this new normal and distancing ourselves from each other, we’re probably more connected right now than we’ve been in a long time. I’m really proud of the conversations and discussions we’ve had on the show, especially over these past few weeks, and look forward to returning to television and continuing to support and uplift one another during such an uncertain time.”

Even with no live sports to talk about, we’re sure Finebaum and his guests will find plenty to discuss.