There are plenty of difficult road environments in college football, including many in the SEC. But which ones are the toughest?

On the “Campus Insiders” show on Stadium, a coaches poll of 130 FBS coaches revealed that two SEC teams were in the top five of most difficult stadium venues. LSU topped the list, followed by Clemson, Washington, Penn State and Texas A&M.

It’s no secret that these stadiums are at the top of the charts as Tiger Stadium has a capacity of more than 102,000 people, and is often even louder for night games. Kyle Field likewise is listed above 102,000.

Georgia fans, though, were quick to point out that given the timing of the poll, Sanford Stadium should have been mentioned. The home of the Bulldogs had more than 92,000 last week against Notre Dame and both coaches admitted that the crowd noise played a role in multiple penalties against the Fighting Irish.

Alabama and Auburn fans, similarly, pointed out that Kyle Field wasn’t that imposing last week when Auburn won there, and hasn’t been recently for either team. Alabama plays there on Oct. 12.