It’s looking like ESPN’s College GameDay will be featuring an SEC team in Week 1 of the 2016 season.

A producer on the show posed a question to Twitter about which game will interest more college football fans: LSU vs. Wisconsin at Lambeau Field or Alabama vs. USC in Dallas?

It’s a tough call for the GameDay crew, and the show can’t go wrong with either one.

College football being played from Lambeau Field is a historic occasion for the sport, and LSU will likely be ranked high in the preseason polls. Former Wisconsin coach and current athletic director Barry Alvarez hinted at GameDay from Lambeau in a radio interview last month.

But can the show pass up Alabama vs. USC? The storyline of Lane Kiffin facing off against his old team after being abruptly fired midseason in the most embarrassing way – leading to the classic headline “USC couldn’t wait until sunrise to fire coach Lane Kiffin” – will have football fans from all conferences watching just to see what happens. It’s unknown how Alabama’s status as the defending champion will play into ESPN’s decision making.

Crimson Tide fans, Tiger fans and SEC fans in general should all weigh in and let Fitting know where GameDay should visit in Week 1.