Based on this statement, Ohio State is currently hard at work attempting to keep Urban Meyer as its football coach.

The school placed Meyer on paid administrative leave on Wednesday following the news that he lied about his knowledge of Zach Smith’s domestic violence back in 2015. The truth was exposed by college football insider Brett McMurphy on his Facebook page.

In response, Meyer issued this statement that keeps details vague:

Meyer clearly isn’t going to resign based on this statement and now claims he reported the 2015 incident that he brushed off as “made up” by Brett McMurphy at the latest Big Ten Media Days.

So which is it? Did he report a made up assault or was he trying to cover his tracks and hoping McMurphy couldn’t prove that it had occurred? Keep in mind Meyer kept Zach Smith on for two and a half years and fired him abruptly without explaining why he had fired him the day before Big Ten Media Days.