Washington State coach Mike Leach isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind, and what’s on his mind often has little or nothing to do with the question he’s asked.

On Monday, he went on another hilarious — but thoughtful — rant about the quarterback efficiency rating and how useless it is.

As you can see around the 19-minute mark in the video below, shared on YouTube by WSUCougarAthletics, a question about whether sacks should be counted against rushing yardage sparked Leach to rant about the quarterback efficiency rating:

“It’s like the quarterback efficiency rating. Over the course of my career it has been explained to me like three times, and then I briefly, briefly understand it,” he said. “After that it just doesn’t make any sense. Because that is utterly useless. I mean, virtually, and completely, and utterly useless. I don’t know one coach, whatsoever, who pays any attention to it. …

“I’m sure it’s a little bit like crossword puzzles and sudoku because it’s got so many variation that they toss in there, there’s this and that, and they stir it all up and they come out with a number and think that it’s brilliantly done. I do not know one coach who looks at that thing. … That doesn’t allow me to evaluate anything if we’re going to play somebody – ‘What does this mean? Not very much.’”

Lesson learned — don’t ask Leach about quarterback efficiency ratings in the future.