Washington State is set to play at Colorado this week, which means that the Cougars will see one of the more recognizable live mascots in the college football, “Ralphie the Buffalo.”

With that meeting on tap, Washington State coach Mike Leach took the opportunity to offer his depth chart of live mascots, which like other obscure topics, seemingly includes a running commentary in his head.

Leach called Ralphie “outstanding” and said he and Mike the Tiger at LSU are by far the best.

“Utterly outstanding,” he said.

Speaking about Ralphie, he said, “Those handlers, they’re not pulling that buffalo, that buffalo’s pulling them … sometimes they’ll wipe out or whatever.”

Leach, being a native of the West, he reminded everyone believes, “a buffalo is hard to argue with unless you have a live grizzly bear or something.”

Leach was asked if Washington State should get a live mascot, and he said he was curious how mountain lions do in captivity.

“If they have a good happy life, like the Georgia Bulldog, where they get their own hotel room and eat like a king,” he said.

Leach added a story about playing Air Force in college and how a trained falcon left the stadium.

“(The) falcon’s seen all the football he wanted to see that day,” he said.