The longest offseason in college football history might finally soon be coming to an end. That means it’s time for the SEC to get back to what it does best — complaining about schedules.

Whether you’re an Alabama conspiracy theorist, an overconfident Tennessee believer, or just a lowly Arkansas fan, there’s plenty to chew on in the 2 extra cross-divisional assignments just layed out. Let’s break them all down and see how every SEC fan base feels about their 2 new games.


Huh, so Missouri and Kentucky? All looks fine and totally fair and normal here. The only ones that could possibly have an issue with that are people that have an irrational hatred for Alabama based on their past success and believe the SEC will do anything to protect them. Oh, that’s every other fan base in the conference? Great.


Don’t want to talk about it.


Well, Auburn fans have always wanted a dynasty like the one Alabama has built, and there’s no better way to start following in their footsteps than by going across divisions and embarrassing Tennessee. Can we make this every year, too?


If the Gators can’t get the joy of beating the Seminoles for the 3rd consecutive year, the next best thing has to be finally getting the chance to beat Jimbo Fisher again. Add to that the fact that Gator Nation spent the week worrying about the prospects of playing Alabama only to end up with a home game against Arkansas, and you have to be pretty happy with this result.


Some people are saying the Bulldogs got off easy with games against Arkansas and Mississippi State, but you try playing a game against a Mike Leach team with so little notice and time to prepare. There’s no way of knowing if he’ll call passes 98% of the time or only 95, or what he could tweet between now and then that could change his roster. A true wildcard.


If Mark Stoops can traverse an entire SEC season without a quarterback, then he certainly can handle an added game against Alabama. Will he win? Probably not. But will he do just well enough that you still have to give him credit and job security? Absolutely.


Being the national champs has certain advantages, and it turns out one of them is winning the Vanderbilt lottery. If the Tigers choked away that game against Clemson, they’d probably find themselves in Sanford Stadium this fall. But instead, like every true southerner, they get rings and a honeymoon to Nashville. What a feel-good story.

Mississippi State

MSU might not have the soothing sounds of 60,000 cowbells to calm their nerves at home games, but they do get Vanderbilt, so it about evens out. On the flip side, they have to travel to Athens to play their Bulldog brethren. However, Mike Leach’s experience in the Pac-12 might give him an advantage in games with 25% capacity.


I wonder what the Big 12 is up to?

Ole Miss

The Rebels already had Florida on their schedule so they knew it couldn’t get too much worse. Because only Arkansas deserves that. Instead, they get to experience what everyday life in the SEC East is like with a trip to Kentucky and a home game against South Carolina. Wow, imagine what life would be like if you could do this every year.

South Carolina

With Clemson off the schedule, anything the SEC could have given them is a win. Auburn and Ole Miss? Sure! Will Muschamp will even provide the snacks and Gatorade. Not to say they’re scared of playing Clemson, of course. Just that a year off from playing Trevor Lawrence is not the worst thing to ever happen.


The Vols might be on the verge of turning the corner, and finding a polite way to no longer play at Oklahoma certainly helps matters. It’s not like adding Auburn and Texas A&M to the schedule is a cakewalk. But at least if you lose, you don’t have to do it while listening to Boomer Sooner 3,000 times.

Texas A&M

If Jimbo needed a spark to get these Aggies turned around, there’s no better motivator for him than getting to play the Gators again … other than his $75 million contract of course. A&M also gets a chance to travel to Knoxville to in a game set to finally decide which fan base is the most insane.


Just happy to still be here.