On a weekend where a top five team was upset, ESPN’s Bill Connelly opened his latest SP+ rankings with a disclaimer.

“This might be the time of year in which computer ratings and the résumé ratings we have in our heads disagree the most,” he wrote. “Top teams get upset, but the computer doesn’t dump them as much as we expect. Unbeaten teams don’t automatically move way up just for not losing.”

He added that most predictive systems, including the SP+, are designed not to overreact. Oklahoma fell after losing to Kansas State in Week 9, but only from third to fourth. Wisconsin has fallen after losing to Illinois and Ohio State, but only from fourth to eighth. Missouri has been penalized severely for utterly collapsing over the last two weeks but has only fallen from 10th to 22nd.

Connelly said Ohio State and Alabama are the top two teams. With ratings of 35.3 and 34.1 adjusted points per game, and that means they are considered about five touchdowns better than the average FBS team.

The Buckeyes and Crimson Tide have been the class of college football, Connelly wrote. “And Bama’s got No. 3 LSU coming up awfully soon. Can’t wait.”

With that in mind, here’s how the SEC teams are ranked (overall ranking in parentheses):

1. Alabama (2)
2. LSU (3)
3. Georgia (6)
4. Auburn (10)
5. Florida (13)
6. Texas A&M (21)
7. Missouri (22)
8. South Carolina (36)
9. Mississippi State (42)
10. Tennessee (46)
11. Ole Miss (52)
12. Kentucky (54)
13. Arkansas (94)
14. Vanderbilt (95)