The South Carolina Gamecocks fell at home to the No. 9 Florida Gators on Saturday afternoon in a rainy, ugly game.

Both coaches were having problems with the referees, but South Carolina was hurt more by some bad calls.

After the game, coach Will Muschamp was understandably upset, particularly with a late unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, when he felt the ref walked away from him before throwing the flag.

Here’s a breakdown of what Muschamp said following the 38-27 loss:

On those questionable calls: 

“The guy ran 40 yards away and dropped a flag. I have no idea. I’d rather him drop it on my feet. Drop it on my feet next time.

“I’m not going to comment on anything else. Don’t go 40 yards away and drop a flag. Gutless.”

On struggles with the passing game:

“We’ve got to be more consistent passing the ball. You can’t rely on the running game all the time.”

On bouncing back from this adversity: 

“It’s hard, it’s really hard, but that’s what you’ve got to do. That’s what we do here at South Carolina.”

On the potential to have a “sky judge” watching the game who is able to overrule officials:

“I have no comment.”

South Carolina will try to bounce back next week, when the Gamecocks travel to Tennessee.