South Carolina freshman Luke Doty quickly became one of the most talked about versatile newcomers entering this season. The quarterback prospect was noted to be one of the best athletes on the team, regardless of position.

But the Gamecocks recently pumped the brakes on Doty being moved all over the field. Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo noticed that Doty was having a bit of an issue shouldering all the information being thrown his way.

“I can’t say enough about him,” Bobo said, according to The State. “He hit a little bit of a wall about a week and a half ago, not physically, mentally, quarterback and receiver, and I just wanted to dial it back a little bit for him and try to get him in a position where he can build some confidence as a quarterback.”

Bobo admitted that Doty at times tried to take on too much from a playbook standpoint in terms of which plays he’s comfortable with at this point.

“So the next day I put him through a walkthrough and he did about anything wrong,” Bobo said. “I said, ‘So you lied to me,’ So he sent me one back that was highlighted with just what he felt comfortable with, and that goes back to that trust factor.

“Sometimes everyone will say the right thing just to please the coach but they got to be honest and tell the truth so we put them in the best position to be comfortable.”

If these plans remain true going forward, Doty will be the team’s third string QB behind Collin Hill and Ryan Hilinski.