Will a day ever come where South Carolina is facing recruiting allegations like Tennessee?

Not if Shane Beamer has anything to say about it.

That was the message relayed by the first-year Gamecock coach during his Tuesday press conference when he was asked about the allegations at Tennessee and how he planned to avoid any similar issues in Columbia.

“I’ve seen it at a place like Oklahoma, where we came from, and other schools where you can do things the right way. We’re certainly going to do things the right way here,” Beamer said. “It’s great teaching tools for sure, when you’re able to pinpoint or spotlight other programs that maybe are in, dealing with some issues, like some schools, out there right now as an illustration of mistakes they made.

“Not assuming anything, but one thing we talked about in that staff meeting last week was if you ever have a question about something call (South Carolina associate AD/compliance services) Jeff (Whitehead), call Chance, whoever. I’m in my 22nd year in coaching and I’ve called Jeff Whitehead I think twice this morning already about rules questions that I had in regards to stuff, now that I’m in that head coaching chair. Just to make sure that we’re doing everything, the right way.”

The way Beamer tells it, Gamecock fans can always rest easy knowing he runs a clean program in Columbia.

“I’ve got a wife and three children at home,” Beamer added. “And when I go home and see them at night and when I look myself in the mirror and lay down, I’m going to feel good about the way that we did things and the way that my staff does things and it starts with me promoting an atmosphere of compliance and that’s certainly something that we try and do each and every day and each and every week that we’re here at Carolina.”