South Carolina quarterback Jake Bentley has become infamous for his “flopping” habit, but his head coach has no problem with it.

Flopping, as pointed out by a report from The State, is a fall to the ground caused by little or no contact.

“It’s more common in soccer and pro basketball, a technique whose motive is to generate a foul or penalty flag,” the report notes.

And don’t forget Duke college basketball.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s another look at Bentley’s incredible flop after being touched (maybe?) by Kentucky’s Josh Allen during the Gamecock’s game against the Wildcats last Saturday:

This was not the first time Bentley has been accused of flopping, and some fans are not happy with this technique.

“It’s embarrassing to me,” a fan told South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp during his weekly radio show Thursday. “It’s not really a good look for us as Gamecocks.”

The caller asked if it has been addressed. The Gamecocks’ coach had a hilarious reply.

“If he’s trying to get a 15-yard penalty, then I’m all for it,” Muschamp said. “The guy is a hell of a competitor. If he’s trying to get a 15-yard penalty, let’s do it.

“The guy competes his [butt] off,” Muschamp said. “Let’s go. Next question.”