The fallout from the officiating in the Florida-South Carolina game continues as coach Will Muschamp on Tuesday was asked about it multiple times, and even referred to another ruling separately.

Muschamp was still obviously steamed by the lack of communication from the SEC office since Sunday night when Muschamp said SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey texted him that officials are still in the review process about the officiating.

At issue is at least 3 calls that were missed in the 38-27 Florida victory, including multiple calls that were not made during Florida RB Dameon Pierce’s 75-yard touchdown run. There was another apparent offensive pass interference call that was not made on another Florida touchdown as the Gators ran off 3 unanswered touchdowns to open the fourth quarter.

“I am still waiting for word,” Muschamp said. “I know that (Athletics Director) Coach (Ray) Tanner has been tirelessly working for us on getting some answers about what happened Saturday. He is obviously very upset like a lot of us are about some occurrences on Saturday.”

That non-call on the pass interference from Muschamp’s perspective was referenced by him with a question at the press conference Tuesday about the coaching points of defending rub routes.

“Blocking or rubbing?,” he asked.