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ESPN Bet Promo Code January 2024: Get $150 in Bonus Bets

ESPN Bet Promo Code SOUTH will get users $150 in bonus bets when they sign up and place any wager. You must manually enter promo code SOUTH to unlock the full bonus.

New ESPN BET users can lock in a full $150 in value with a Bet Anything, Get $150 in Bonus Bets offer  by using promo code SOUTH. By entering promo code SOUTH you can unlock the full bonus, an extra $50 compared to ESPN Bet’s already well-valued welcome offer just for entering 5 letters!

ESPN BET Sportsbook


Must be 21+. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.





Interested users must use any of the ESPN Bet links on this page to take advantage of this welcome offer!

ESPN Bet Logo ESPN Bet Promo Code: SOUTH
📲 ESPN Bet Launch Date 🗓 Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023
💰 ESPN Bet Promo Code Offer 👉 Bet Anything, Get $150 in Bonus Bets
✅ Promos Provided By Saturday Down South
🔎 Written By Robby Sabo

ESPN Bet Promo Code History

ESPN Bet is in as of November 2023 – which means Saturday Down South is ready to hook up and reward every online sports bettor with the best ESPN Bet Promo Code in the online sportsbook business.

The ESPN Bet App and ESPN Bet Bonus Code became available in 17 states on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023, and our SDS online sports betting experts have navigated through the early stages of an ESPN-included sportsbook world into January 2024.

As incredible as it sounds, coupled with the numerous opportunities that lie ahead, one wonders how we exactly arrived at this point.

The sports betting world received a shake-up in August 2023 when PENN Entertainment announced it was pivoting its online sportsbook product away from a previous brand, while simultaneously signing a 10-year deal with Disney to license the coveted ESPN brand – perhaps the biggest in all of sports.

The sportsbook launched just in time for one of the busiest weeks of the sports calendar, including Feast Week, college football, NFL, NBA and much more in full swing. So it’s no wonder ESPN Bet, mixed with its already gargantuan brand name, has seen success in its first few months.

Keep reading to see why our team at Saturday Down South recommends giving ESPN Bet and its amazing promo code offer a look.

ESPN Bet Promo Code Details: How To Get Started

Users can unlock the ESPN Bet promo code for tremendous value in just a few easy steps.

For starters, click any of the ESPN Bet links you see on this page. From there, click on “Sign Up” on the top right of your screen upon arrival in the ESPN Bet App. It will then ask you to start the process of creating an account.

Keep in mind, you’ll need the following handy upon signup. This is for verification purposes by ESPN Bet to make sure you’re of legal age and in an available jurisdiction.

The site will then prompt you to make an account with your preferred username and password. After confirming your password and username, a section is available for you to enter promo code SOUTH to receive not only $100 in bonus bets as the ESPN Bet offer advertises, but an extra $50 to make it $150 in bonus bets just for signing up and entering promo code SOUTH.

Here’s some more helpful information to know when signing up.

ESPN Bet Logo ESPN Bet Promo Code Details
📲 ESPN Bet Promo Code Last Verified 📅 Thurs, Jan. 4, 2024
💰 ESPN Bet Promo Code Offer Bet Anything, Get $150 Bonus
🚨 ESPN Bet Promo Code SOUTH
🇺🇸 ESPN Bet Launch States (17) Arizona
New Jersey
West Virginia
➡️ App Platforms iOS Apple App Store
Android Google Play
Desktop Web Browser
💲 Minimum Deposit $10
✅ Minimum Betting Age 21
📝 Sports Betting License Partner PENN Entertainment

How To Play, Odds Boosts and Available Sports

There are many ways to play ESPN Bet in 2024. For those new to online sports betting (or those looking for a refresh), here’s how some of the most popular ways to play on ESPN Bet.


This is the most basic and perhaps most popular wager, especially for new users. Moneyline bets require a bettor to select the winning team, regardless of the spread line. So, if the Tennessee Volunteers are taking on Kentucky in football, it doesn’t matter if either team wins by 1 or by 30 – as long as you select the winning team, you win the bet!

Odds are important to understand here, too. A $100 wager on the Wildcats +150 would return $150. Conversely, placing $150 on -150 odds would yield $100 in winnings as the Vols would likely be the favored team in that scenario (at least, in 2023). It’s all about finding the right odds for you.

Point Spread

Point spread is another popular way to play among veteran users and avid sports fans especially. Instead of picking the winning team, you’re picking the score and type of game that is being played. For example, if LSU opened as -7 favorites over Ole Miss, that means they would need to win by at least 8 points for that bet to win.

Obviously, this works in the inverse as well. If you don’t think Ole Miss can win but do think they can keep things close, you may think about dropping money on a Ole Miss +7 pick. In that scenario, the Spurs would either have to win or lose by less than 7.

If you’re completely new to sports betting, it can be slightly daunting knowing exactly what and who you’re betting on. But it’s an easy system to get the hang of after your first few wagers. Bet small while starting out, figure out your strategy and you’ll be good to go!

Over/Under Total

This type of sports betting ignores the winner and loser altogether and instead focuses on point total. If 2 high-octane offenses are set to face off in football, the over may be set in the 50s. If it’s 2 defensive teams, the total may be set in the 30s or 40s.

And it’s exactly as it sounds. Simply add what you think the 2 teams will score together and pick between it being under or over that mark.

Say the Kentucky Wildcats are set to face off against Florida in men’s college basketball, for example. The Wildcats and Tide are both better offensively than defensively, so the total would likely be set around 170 or so. Say we were to set that fictional total at O/U 170.5. Which would your bet favor?

We can look to history for an answer in this case. The 2 SEC squads faced off on Jan. 6, 2024, and combined to score 172 points. We hope you took the over!

Boosts and More Promotions

ESPN Bet’s boost options aren’t quite as lucrative as some of the more establishes sportsbooks, but there are some fantastic offers to be aware of, including daily odds and profit boosts for whichever sport you’re interested in!

Usually, their boosts page looks a little something like this:

As you can see, when you first open the page there is a section at the top (on the left side of the screen) with a boosts tab. From there, you can conveniently scroll through the available sports and expand whichever you’re interested in for that day. There’s typically around 4-5 boosts per day per sport, depending on that sport’s popularity.

Available Sports to Bet on With ESPN Bet

Speaking of, let’s take a second to list out all sports ESPN Bet offers. It’s quite extensive, including some fan favorites and a few niche sports for the extra-passionate fan!

It’s important to note that each individual state may have restrictions on college sports, TV & Culture and so forth. Be sure to check to make sure ESPN Bet carries that particular service in your state!

Interested? Remember to check out ESPN Bet’s incredible offer of up to $150 in Bonus Bets by entering promo code SOUTH.

ESPN BET Sportsbook


Must be 21+. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.





ESPN Bet Future Odds

ESPN Bet Odds are out for a number of sports. For instance, the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship future odds feature familiar powerhouse programs in the land:

The Purdue Boilermakers currently lead the way with +750 to win the 2024 National Championship. UConn, Arizona and Houston all round out the top 4.

ESPN Bet Live In 17 States As Of January 2024

Alabama ❌ No
Alaska ❌ No
Arizona ✅ Yes
Arkansas ❌ No
California ❌ No
Colorado ✅ Yes
Connecticut ❌ No
Delaware ❌ No
Florida ❌ No
Georgia ❌ No
Hawaii ❌ No
Idaho ❌ No
Illinois ✅ Yes
Indiana ✅ Yes
Iowa ✅ Yes
Kansas ✅ Yes
Kentucky ✅ Yes
Louisiana ✅ Yes
Maine ❌ No
Maryland ✅ Yes
Massachusetts ✅ Yes
Michigan ✅ Yes
Minnesota ❌ No
Mississippi ❌ No
Missouri ❌ No
Montana ❌ No
Nebraska ❌ No
Nevada ❌ No
New Hampshire ❌ No
New Jersey ✅ Yes
New Mexico ❌ No
New York ❌ No
North Carolina ❌ No
North Dakota ❌ No
Ohio ✅ Yes
Oklahoma ❌ No
Oregon ❌ No
Pennsylvania ✅ Yes
Rhode Island ❌ No
South Carolina ❌ No
South Dakota ❌ No
Tennessee ✅ Yes
Texas ❌ No
Utah ❌ No
Vermont ❌ No
Virginia ✅ Yes
Washington ❌ No
West Virginia ✅ Yes
Wisconsin ❌ No
Wyoming ❌ No

The full list of states where sports bettors can expect an ESPN sports betting app upon launch is as follows:

Interestingly, one of the top revenue-generating states in the country is not on the list (New York). Perhaps this pivot by PENN Entertainment goes a long way in getting them a seat at the NY Online Sports Betting table.

ESPN Bet Has Powerhouse Sportsbook Potential

While DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook continue to dominate the marketplace – with BetMGM Sportsbook trailing just behind – a tremendous opportunity is open for another operator to take a seat at the big-boy table. ESPN Bet has every opportunity to be that online sportsbook after its November 2023 launch.

Imagine the reach ESPN has in terms of not only its owned and operated properties but also its overall viewership. A list of football-only properties and TV contracts is worth its weight in sports betting gold:


College Football

It of course doesn’t end at football. ESPN televises an incredible number of programming hours for other sports such as basketball, baseball, and hockey – not to mention golf and tennis.

On top of that, considering that ESPN is 80 percent owned by ABC, Inc. (an indirect subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company) and 20 percent by Hearst, the potential for reach and growth in the legal online sports gambling market is infinite.

Better yet, think of the host of personalities ESPN has at its disposal, and what they can do for the ESPN Bet brand.

From boisterous Stephen A. Smith to the unapologetic Pat McAfee, all the way to the professional Scott Van Pelt, the potential ESPN Bet personalities that already reside in-house are endless:

It’s no secret that PENN’s former partner held them back in a lot of ways. Not only did regulators make PENN’s life miserable by way of licensing in new states, but controversies seemingly surfaced on a regular basis.

With ESPN, the sky’s the limit by way of which states ESPN Bet can live. New York may only be the start, as other states such as California, Texas, and Florida are the other white whales that have yet to officially launch online sports betting.

PENN Entertainment’s pivot to ESPN Bet is a fantastic business move, as we’ve discussed. In a regulated business such as legal sports gambling, rebranding with such a trusted company name and logo should prove invaluable for PENN Entertainment.

How ESPN Bet Sportsbook Impacts SEC Football Betting

Naturally, the average user landing on this specific page is a diehard SEC football fan. After all, this is Saturday Down South, the platform that provides the best SEC football coverage in the universe.

One may wonder, “How will ESPN Bet shake up the SEC football and College Football Betting industry?” Although we’re still extremely early in the process, it’s a pretty safe wager that ESPN Bet will be heavily involved in SEC Football Betting and College Football Betting as a whole.

Considering ESPN’s standing as the network that broadcasts an incredible number of hours of college football programming, the presence of ESPN Bet from multiple angles should be salivated over and expected.

ESPN Bet Top Competitors

Due to the idea that nothing ESPN does falls in the also-ran category, ESPN Bet competes with the top operators of the online sportsbook industry.

That means the likes of FanDuel Sportsbook, DraftKings Sportsbook, and BetMGM Sportsbook are all scrambling around with the intent of putting together the best defensive strategy.

The following is a list comprising what will be ESPN Bet’s toughest competitors in the sportsbook market:

ESPN History

Founded in 1978 and officially launching on Sept. 7, 1979, ESPN owns humble beginnings that are worn on the company’s sleeve. And why shouldn’t ESPN wear its humble start proudly?

Very few in the know thought a 24-hour-a-day sports channel could actually work. Yet, a father and son, Bill Rasmussen and Scott Rasmussen, an eye doctor and insurance salesman, respectively, featured ambitions that actually matched what ESPN would turn out to be.

Headquartered in Bristol, CT, ESPN’s early days featured an incredible amount of college sports, such as the early days of the Big East, when Patrick Ewing’s Georgetown Hoyas, Chris Mullins’s St. John’s Red Storm, and Jim Boeheim’s Syracuse Orange played rock-em-sock-em ball on the hardwood.

ESPN also featured under-the-radar sports most fans hadn’t even heard of previously—the same kind that’s often packaged as “ESPN The Ocho” these days, with a hat tip towards the comedy film Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

Ultimately, ESPN grew, bit by bit, using its acclaimed SportsCenter as its anchor and leaping off the backs of the Big East. The dot-com era propelled ESPN into another stratosphere, and heavy speculation surrounded the traditional company’s willingness to enter the fast-moving legal online sports betting industry.

For years, since New Jersey helped spearhead the overturning of PASPA via the Supreme Court (in 2018), ESPN was always mentioned as the next potential major sportsbook— with no actual results on the board.

That is until Aug. 8, 2023, when the shocking announcement of a new partnership with PENN Entertainment changed so much in the sportsbook market.


When Will ESPN Bet Sportsbook Launch?

Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023: ESPN Bet is set to launch in Fall of 2023, as announced by ESPN and new partner PENN Entertainment. More specifically, ESPN Bet is set to launch on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023.

Which States Will ESPN Bet be Live and Legal In?

Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Can ESPN Bet Compete with FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook?

Eventually, yes: Although FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook are the two clear kings of the online sports betting world, ESPN's resources provide ESPN Bet with a phenomenal opportunity to eventually compete at the very top of the online sportsbook market.

What Will the ESPN Bet Promo Code Be?

Promo Code: SOUTH: Use Promo Code SOUTH to unlock up to $150 in value for bonus bets on ESPN Bet Today!

How Much Did it Cost PENN Entertainment to Partner with ESPN?

Around $2 billion: Per PENN's press release, ESPN will receive around $1.5 billion over the first 10 years of the agreement.

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