Much has been projected about Oklahoma’s move to the SEC and where the Sooners will fit in the pecking order of existing blue bloods in the conference.

Some, like former coach Barry Switzer, believe the Sooners will make a smooth transition and be in fine shape once they compete against the likes of Alabama, Georgia, Florida and LSU. He shared those comments on Sirius XM College with Mark Packer. Switzer, of course, had a legendary career at Oklahoma when he went 157-29-4 over 16 years.

“Every week I’ve said it’s going to be like playing Texas, and Texas has been down some the last several years,” Switzer said. “But Texas has been the powerhouse on our schedule. I know that, I know we’re going to have to have our best every weekend, everyone’s improved in this league. Used to be — there’s no Kansas here, I can promise you that, there will be no Kansas for us to play in football.”

During the recent game with Florida, Switzer said the Gators could make as many excuses as they want, but, “we kicked their butt pretty good and went out and played well that night in the bowl game.”

The bottom line, he said, is the Sooners can compete.

“No one’s competed with Alabama, and that’s the big dog,” he said. “But we can play with Georgia, we can play with Florida, LSU is down, they had that one big run, but they’ve come back to Earth. We’ll be on the top tier, I promise you that.”