Now that Gus Malzahn is coaching at Central Florida, the first-year Knight coach wouldn’t mind seeing the College Football Playoff expand beyond its current format.

Arguably the biggest offseason talking point in college football was brought up during Malzahn’s introductory press conference in Orlando on Monday and considering where he’s now coaching, there was no way the new UCF coach was going to support anything other than expansion to the sport’s playoff.

Here is what Malzahn had to say when asked if he thought the Playoff should be expanded.

“Terry (Mohajir), being on the (College Football Playoff) Committee probably knows a whole lot more about that, but I know for me – and it was way before I got here – I’ve thought for a long time, eight would be a better number,” Malzahn said about the Playoff.

“You see how college football goes, there’s some big-time bowl games now that get overlooked because everybody focused on (the Playoff). And then there’s always number 5, 6, 7, 8 that would probably have a chance to win the whole thing. So, in the future, me being a former high school coach and having semifinals and quarterfinals, I’m all for it. Not just because I’m here. Okay? That was even when I was at the last job.”

To Malzahn’s credit, during his time at Auburn he also publicly issued his support for the Playoff to expand to eight teams.