A Kansas State student’s social media post has some Wildcats athletes saying they will not play or practice until the university expels the student.

This week, KSU student Jaden McNeil sparked outrage with a tweet mocking the late George Floyd. Now multiple Kansas State athletes, including football players, are using Twitter to share a statement announcing a boycott:

“To our family at Kansas State: Due to the recent disparaging, insensitive, and unsettling comments made by a fellow student, we as a football team, after consultation with students from campus organizations, as well as students from the general student body, feel it is best for us to stand with the students,” the graphic read. “We are demanding that Kansas State University put a policy in place that allows a student to be dismissed for displaying openly racist, threatening or disrespectful action toward a student or groups of students. We have resolved that we cannot play, practice, or meet until these demands are heard and actions taken. We love Kansas State but we must stand together and protect all students moving forward.”

KSU student-athletes in other sports signed on with the boycott:

Kansas State’s athletic director also condemned McNeil’s tweet:

KSU president Richard Myers says the school is looking into its options:

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